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All payments are P2p and we are not the holder of your funds! We do not require user verification (AML/KYC)

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Why choose Zerocryptopay?

Here’s Top 4 reasons why using a Zerocryptopay account for manage your money.

Why Zerocryptopay?

We are exactly the service that was laid down in the development of cryptocurrencies, impersonal payment acceptance! We are not an exchange or a cryptocurrency processor, which means your funds are always safe!

Send Money with Zerocryptopay

By sending cryptocurrency to one of the wallets that the system gives out, you send funds directly to the recipient of the purse! We will never in any way be able to freeze/block/return/cancel a payment that was sent to you. This is a guarantee of safety of your funds!.

We are different from other services in that we do not require you to specify an email, phone number or other data about you when you register and then use the system. You only need a username and password to register. We store the password in hashed form without the possibility of reverse decryption.

Frequently Asked Questions

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No, we don't required AML or KYC verification.

No, we only provide transaction tracking for different cryptocurrencies, we do not exchange or send funds

You choose the wallet on which you will store the funds received from senders. Accordingly, only you are responsible for the safety of your funds, we do not have access to your wallets or means of payment

We charge 1% for tracking each transaction that enters the system.

We do not limit you in what and for what purpose you will use the payment acceptance on your site!

There is no commission on the first $100!

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